Student in engineering lab


There’s a reason we say we make a difference. Positive change doesn’t happen by accident. 一样的人, we apply ourselves — mind, body and spirit — to purposefully, proactively engineer change that enriches all of our lives.


你将学习 & 经验

We know that our world is ever-changing. The key is to ensure that it’s changing in the right direction. With a Gonzaga education in science, 医学, education or engineering and applied science, you’ll develop deep expertise in your chosen field and the aptitude to put what you know into action.

  • Analyzing and interpreting data to make reasonable conclusions
  • Independently planning and executing experiments and research to contribute to new knowledge
  • Solving problems with sophisticated technologies to meet challenges facing society
  • Learning to communicate clearly and concisely to bring the world closer together
  • Always being mindful of impact on the environment and the people within our communities


The Gonzaga Difference

在天主教, Jesuit and Humanistic traditions, your learning prepares you to work toward a more just world. You’ll cultivate an understanding of what it means to be human, to experience a well-lived life, to find your role in a more humane global community.

Your educational journey expands year by year with these principals of our Core curriculum:

  • Understanding and creating
  • 被成为
  • 关心和做
  • Imagining the possible

You’ll also uncover the richness of interdisciplinary studies, where courses blend biology and dance, 信仰与科学, politics and literature. All to equip you for the next part of your journey, where purpose and potential evolve.

Elaine Cullen looks over mining equipment