Students hand out balloons for Gonzaga Day of Justice
Fighting for 社会正义

Toward a Better World

We believe that a more just world is not only a possibility — it’s a responsibility. It’s up to you — your tenacity, 勇气, and energy — to turn conviction into action for the good of all.

A student talks with a young child in a gymnasium

你将学习 & 经验

寻找解决方案. 倡导公平. 激励别人. Translating belief into action. Your Jesuit education at Gonzaga prepares you to do all of these. You’ll have opportunities to deepen your understanding of social justice both inside and outside of the classroom. Whether through application of concepts from your major and the University Core Curriculum or through focused study through our 团结 and 社会正义 minor, 你将学习:

  • Multi-disciplinary perspectives on justice and how your new found skills and expertise will help you solve complex problems in society
  • 领导 traits that support team and community building, leading to ideas that result in social change and the celebration of human dignity
  • How to integrate considerations of justice and peace into academic, civil and social pursuits
  • How to create a more just and dignified society through application of moral and ethical principles both in the workplace and in the home environment


The Gonzaga Difference

在天主教, Jesuit and Humanistic traditions, your learning prepares you to work toward a more just world. You’ll cultivate an understanding of what it means to be human, to experience a well-lived life, to find your role in a more humane global community.

Your educational journey expands year by year with these principals of our Core curriculum:

  • Understanding and creating
  • 被成为
  • 关心和做
  • Imagining the possible

You’ll also uncover the richness of interdisciplinary studies, where courses blend biology and dance, 信仰与科学, politics and literature. All to equip you for the next part of your journey, where purpose and potential evolve.

A student teacher works with children at a table